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If you woke up surrounded by doctors who told you that you'd been in a medical experiment since birth and that your entire life had been a dream, how do you think you'd react?

Thank the lord. My real life could not possibly be as nerve-wracking and awkward.
If you could hang out with any fictional character for a whole day, who would you choose, and why?

Zeus god of lightning!!! You may not believe he's fictional but he does appear in some fiction books. *shrugs* I'd do it for the lulz.

Writer's Block: Forever young

If you found a magical stone that could keep one person young forever, would you keep it or give it to someone else? If the latter, to whom would you give it?

Sadly Oscar Wilde is no longer among the living and I do not believe that Johnny Depp would appreciate such a thing. I would keep it for myself but only as long as I can travel the world, searching for a person or place worthy of it.

Reading List Oct2010

 So, I haven’t posted for a while on what books I’ve been reading and I assure you there has been a lot of them. Since I can’t remember exactly how long it has been I won’t try to explain them all but I’ve decided to go through some of the books that I am currently reading or will be reading this month with the exception of ones that I have been reading on and off for a few weeks now (eg. Watership Down) and recently read books in a series I have already been raving on about for months now (eg. Roadkill by Rob Thurman and the latest Patricia Briggs). The point of explaining books I haven’t yet read is to explain my criteria for why I wanted it in the first place because I think that is an important thing as well when telling people about a good book don’t you?

-Seth Grahame-Smith-

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

I’ve been wanting to read this one for a while just because it had an interesting title. At the time when I first heard about it internet reviews were raving about it’s greatness. However, it is important to keep an open mind about this book, after all, it is certainly not Shakespeare. The book, although thick, has a large font and can probably be read in a couple of days by most readers. The writing style is strange as every second or third paragraph seems to be written as a letter or diary entry and after a while you stop caring on whether or not the quote is historical or creative license has taken a turn. As it is it has very much the feel of both a narrative and a roughly pieced together biography. The plot is exciting and –as shocking as it may seem – has a strange kind of logic to it.
Although the writing isn’t masterful or indicative of a great mind or talent, it is extremely entertaining and if you are ever in need of something to occupy your time on long train rides I would happily recommend it

-Raymond E. Feist-

Faerie Tale

I read this one a while ago but can’t recall whether I ever mentioned it or not. I first became interested in it when I found it in a second hand bookshop in the city that I am fond of. The author is also known to me as I have read a few books in his Magician series and although his chapter/paragraph structure can sometimes get on my nerves I still believe that he is a great writer.
That being said: Stay away from this book! It does have an interesting view on popular celtic mythology but at the same time it reads like a Harlequin romance that has taken itself too seriously. The either knows little about women in romantic situations or was just making an unclear joke because the character Gabbie is just.... *head explodes* Not to mention that even if there is no huge, full-blown sex scene there is still a lot of fantasizing and staring at other peoples’ bodies that just makes me feel awkward about the entire book.

-Tony Hillerman-

Hunting Badger

I got this book off ebay after googling Badger one day when I was bored. Why did I google Badger? Because Badger and femme Badger are my friends. Why did I go so far as to purchase and read the book even though it is completely outside my genre? Firstly there was the reason of curiosity, I just wanted to know what it was about, secondly I was convinced that it couldn’t be too bad by the reviews I found for both the author and book and thirdly: I just wanted to throw it in Badger’s face and laugh.
In the end I came out on top though, as this was actually a very good book. It surrounds a group of main characters, mostly made up of native American ex- and current law enforcement officers. Each main character eventually gets pulled into a mystery involving a robbed casino and the disappearing thieves. The plot thickens when one of the thieves is found to have committed suicide. In discovering what has happened, the protagonists must also discover what has happened in the past in similar cases. I suppose It is really difficult for me to write a good review on this book since –like I said- it is completely out of my genre, but trust me, it is an intriguing mystery that will draw you in ‘til the very last page.

-Ellen Kushner-

The Privilege or the Sword

I decided to read this after pining over having finished my beloved Swordspoint (same author). I was not disappointed. Privilege of the Sword keeps in line with the same witty banter and exciting/humorous dialogues as in her previous books. The difference being that we see the worlds now through the eyes of a young female protagonist. Never fear though, this doesn’t turn it into some kind of soppy, angsty romance at all and there is just as much of the action and adventure that we loved so much in Swordspoint. I suppose it could be seen as a sequel of sorts since it is written as occurring a couple of years after the conclusion of Swordspoint and we do get re-introduced to both Alec and his Swordsman lover ^.~ So if you love the idea of two sexy guys getting hot-‘n-heavy with each other then this is worth a look. The only downside to this one is that towards the end we do get hints of lesbian themes which I always find completely unsexy but good for you if you don’t. The themes aren’t a huge things though and slip into the plot fluidly so as not to seem out of place or unnecessarily shocking.

Thomas the Rhymer

Another book by Ellen Kushner that I bought in good faith because of my love of her other books. It is shorter and a little different to her other books but still an enjoyable read. Sadly due to the extreme height of the pile of books currently being read (all at the same time mind you) I haven’t read that far into it yet but I just thought I’d mention it.

-Lynn Flewelling-


It is a compilation of short stories by the author who gave us all the Nightrunner series and the Tamir triad. I have not much more to say other than that I ordered mine a couple of weeks ago and as soon as it turns up I am going to be bouncing around like a squirrel on steroids. She is another one of the ‘if you think to guys making out if hot come check this out’ authors but similarly to Ellen Kushner she is NOT a pron writer. Where Ellen Kushner is loved for her witty dialogue and excitement, I adore Lynn Flewelling for her plot. The books are as well written as some of the best fantasy writers I know and each character has their own personality and place in the world. Her books aren’t just about Kings, Queens and battles but also about the adventures of spies and trickery in attempts to usurp the throne. At the same time though her plot is always original and creative and she thoroughly makes it her own. I got a package in the mail yesterday and I think the mailman had a hard time trying to decide whether I or my dog was more scarily excited that he was there. Sadly it has not arrived yet but I have no doubt that when it does it will not let me down.

-Jim Butcher-

Storm Front

Anyone ever watched The Dresden Files? Well this is the first book in the series that The Dresden Files television series was based on. I was told to get this book by a couple of people, firstly because one of my uni friends was getting into the fandom and secondly because my sister was getting into it. As usual, the book is better than the tv series, in fact the tv series kind of worries me because not only are all the actors horrendously ugly (perhaps with the exception of Bob) but the two main characters –who are also love interests – are ugly in the same kind of way which makes me unable to help but think that they’re related. There is much horror abounding every time they have one of those tense scenes where you think they might just kiss.
The books on the other hand are good. I don’t know if I’m allowed to comment too much though since in truth: I just read them to get to the fandom.

-Steven Brust-

Brokedown Palace

I have been reading stuff by this author for a few years now. It started when a friend lent me a copy of the Jhereg omnibus and next thing I knew I have a stack of 12 of the Vladimir Taltos books finished on my nightstand beside both The Lord of Castle Black and Cowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grille. So why do I love him so much? Well for one thing it is pulp fiction defined to the letter. The books carry a dry humour about them as you get carried along with the insane exploits of an insane theif with a notch in his belt or a Dragaeran lord that grew up thinking he was human. Each character has their own specific quirk and outlook on the world that works to create an awesome book/series. Sadly each book only takes a day or two to read, leaving me feeling bookless and empty afterward, so I had been holding off finishing all his stuff until I got yelled at by a random on gaia that the Vlad Taltos series wasn’t even his best stuff. That random didn’t lie ^_^

-Martin Millar-

Lux the Poet

The Good Fairies of New York

These two acquisitions only just cm to me the other day so I haven’t had time to start on them but I think it is still in good practice to explain why I got them. Usually if I read a new book it is because I trust the author, It is being lent to me by a friend or because I have already researched it extensively on the internet (google). However, I was first introduced to this book by a friend that I find most reliable in her tastes except for that one time when she mistakenly though she enjoyed Twilight *shudders*. She pretty much leapt on me saying that I had to buy it and that it was amazing and could turn an arsehole, wife-beating, alcoholic into a raging furry... well, not quite... but it was pretty amazing and its powers were unpredictable. So, despite years of not trusting peoples’ opinions as far as spending a penny, I went out and got this book immediately. The book was Lonely Werewolf Girl and has just recently come out with a sequel and it is amazing and strange.
The copy of it I bought had the type of large font and thick pages that screamed ‘we know this is the closest you’ll ever come to reading a real book so we’re determined to make it count’. The title itself warns of a Mary-Sue protagonist before you even open to the first page. WARNING: This is not the case.
The main character is really a teenage drug addict werewolf girl that was born mentally unstable and doesn’t yet even know how to read or write. She has killed her father for chasing off her boyfriend and sees the world in a fairytale like manner to the point where she is almost out of her mind delusional. The main plot line is about this lonely, drug addicted, werewolf girl and her adventure trying to escape her family who is currently trying to hunt her down and kill her.
However, there are still dozens of other sub-plots as every character seems to have their own issues including the classic ‘average guy’ who just keeps falling into puppy love with every girl that he can’t have. Thrix the sorceress, werewolf, fashion designer has issues with her main customer being the queen of the fire elementals and threatening to kill everyone when her rival starts using magic to out-dress her at otherworldly balls. And my personal favourite character is not even really a main character but she is cold and vengeful and able to kick arse, though she would rather spend her time alone translating Latin and keeping her drug habit a secret from the rest of the family. I think the thing I love the most about this book is that the author writes about characters with flaws but at the same time he isn’t constantly trying to fix them. Most books go by the pattern of Character with flaw > finds good looking person of opposite sex > Falls in love > Has sex > After sex flaw is magically fixed. However, Millar seems to write in a way that goes to show that a person is the sum of their flaws. Even if Kalix found true love I doubt she would easily give up her drug habits and suddenly know how to read. The consistency in each character as they go about doing what they do is amazing and just goes to show how well Millar knows his characters.
So, my reason for mentioning obtaining these particular books of his instead of just raving fanatically about the latest sequel? They sounded interesting and descriptions and reviews fed the fires of my raging curiosity. The Good Fairies of New York has the thing I love most about the author (ie. Insane characters) and the title for some reason made me feel nostalgic for Neil Gaiman novels even though the two authors’ writing styles are not alike in the slightest bit. Also I like the thought of reading it because of my love for twisted fairy tales and messed up mythology. Lux the Poet captured my attention by being different from other novels in the descriptions I read of it. The book is short and is about a character named Lux as he searches through a crowd of raving people for the woman that he is enamoured with who just so happens to be a lesbian. Strange yes? Now you see why I demand to read it.

Oct. 4th, 2010

 The weather has been really great recently, and I didn't just type that as an excuse to fill up space. It has finally stopped raining and being windy and unpredictable and is now set for constant heat and sunshine which makes me a very happy Fish.
In fact the other day I went outside to walk around a bit while listening to some songs recently synched to my ipod. My dog Gunther insisted on tagging along so as soon as I started getting bored I wandered of to where he was sitting and started to pat him. This caused a blanket of fur to suffocate us both since he is starting to malt really badly and we both turned and ran for the fresh air. It was less than three minutes before I turned back to where I had rubbed all the loose fur from Gunther's flanks to find one of the mounds of fur to be slowly moving towards me in a jerky fashion. It took me a while of staring at it dumbfounded before I could start thinking of any 'reasonable' explanations as to why a giant mound of fur would be chasing me. Most of them flew out the window when it started to fly...... ...... ....
Yup, seems like birds are on the look-out for anything soft to line there nests with again, within the next 5 minutes there was a queue of birds all stalking my backyard, including three really pretty Rosellas.
I have also found a blogspot hosted by someone who seems to be able to read my mind, either that or I'm just not as awkward and strange as I thought I was. Either way it is a plus for me. One thing I found in particular that seemed to describe me quite well was her post on 'why I'll never be an adult' ( http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/06/this-is-why-ill-never-be-adult.html ). I am currently just getting over a responsibility burn-out at the moment and it would be so much easier if I didn't need to worry about whether I should be telling certain guys that I'm not interested or if I can watch my new favourite show without being told that I am pathetic because the main character swore once as a joke and swearing is dumb o_o Geez, you'd think there was no such thing as an in-between for people liking you too much or being a total bitch to you.
Hopefully by the next time I post I'll have spent a day at the beach, since we all know that the beach solves all dilemmas, like the fact that I haven't updated my fanfic in 2 months and all the emails I have been getting to say that I am a jerk for not updating have finally stopped. I am not sure whether I should be feeling more guilty or less because of it. >.>

 There is absolutely no little corner in this uni to stay in without having to co-inhabit it with a group of other people. It is even worse luck if you want a place with wireless internet access and an empty electrical port. Just generally I have been trying to stay away from people as much as possible today and the futility of it is getting on my nerves. It is only a two minute walk from the cafeteria to the main lecture hall and yet I got stopped twice on my way over.
Oh, and it has finally happened!! Someone has stolen my name, or rather, a fictional character from Fate/Stay night (I've never actually watched the show) Is now being referred to on the internet as the Sorceress Rin. Over the years it has surprised me so much that when googling my name on only ever found accounts and references to me and as such I have kind of gotten a bit proud and possessive of keeping my title. Now it is no more that case and I must say, although I am shocked it didn't happen sooner, it is still evokes a cold and bitter feeling.
There are so many things that I wanted to bring up in this post that now seem irrelevant so forgive me if this ends rather pointlessly.

Apparently I have done the impossible. No, I have not saved the world or gained super powers. I have screwed up my internet router in an impossible way. At least that is what the Tech support guy at the company that provided my router said. He spent five minutes bitching at me that it was impossible to disable my Network Address Translator. Well guess what? I went onto my router's web based interface, I saw the words NAT and Enabled and I switched it to Disabled *shock* I suppose it must be easier than I thought to complete impossible tasks nowadays. 
Having to listen to the tech support guy was not an easy task. I can't even remember how he described the command prompt window when he was asking if it had appeared but I do recall that it was the most stupid, simpleton-speak I'd ever heard. And then he started arguing with me over whether or not I had a usb port in my modem! And if he wanted to make things simpler for the poor wittle n00b that I am he could've at least stopped calling the router cable 'The Green cord' after the third time I mentioned that it was Yellow, now that is just being stubborn. Anyway, at least I got something good out of it, after 30minutes of being the techie's bitch he said that it must be a software problem (it wasn't) and agreed to send me a free replacement router.
All I wanted was to find out how to get back onto the web interface to re-enable the NAT *cries*

Aug. 26th, 2010

Bitcomet is up and working under encryption but is extremely slow. I mean for one particular torrent file that will usually run at an average of 60 kb/s it is now running at an average of 5 kb/s. I have tried restricting the uploads function to try and get more bandwidth but the minimum I can keep the uploads down to is 10kb/s. This is why I want to use uTorrent as it has a smaller upload maximum restriction of about 3 kb/s. However, for some reason the encryption isn't working on the universities wireless and I have checked and rechecked that I have correct settings but nothing seems to work. *is extremely frustrated* 

As for getting a different web-browser, I have so far installed both Opera and Flock. So far I am finding that Opera is more useful but I only had them on my laptop since yesterday so I should leave plenty of room for a change of opinion.

Apparently I make weird expressions when browsing the net because I keep on finding that people will stop and laugh at me during my lectures DX Perhaps I should keep a mirror on hand when on my computer at home?? There must be a way to train myself out of it.
I've just realised that I have been really bitchy and awful recently and have decided to make an effort to stop and self assess before doing anything over the next week and hopefully I'll regain a little perspective.
I have also dumped Bitlord as my favourite program for downloading .torrent files and have gotten both Utorrent and Bitcomet because the files can be easily encrypted through them. Truthfully I don't really care that much about using my universities wireless to download my stuff, but since they have tried to block you from doing such I can't help but view it as a challenge that needs to be faced.
I am also on the hunt for trying out different web browsers. For a while now I have had the main three on my desktop and my laptop. Those are: Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. However I have decided now that since all of them have their own faults I wouldn't mind making it an even four.
Google chrome is my current favourite because it is easy and simple to use, fast and just has a flexible feel to it. I like how there aren't lots of huge chunky taskbars and when I ask it to keep me logged in or to save my username it actually does. I also like how downloads are shown at the bottom of the screen so that they are constantly on screen but aren't blocking whatever else you are trying to do and when they are finished the file is easy to retrieve.
Firefox also has its advantages. It is slow and the downloads box just irritates me beyond words but it is secure and is easy to run scripts through. As Firefox and IE are two of the older internet browsers it means they are more likely to be compatible with different installations. However, another small thing that annoys me about it is the way that right clicking on a link will yield the option of opening a new tab AFTER the option of opening the link in a new window. This is the only one of the three that does it so it frequently manages to catch me off-guard. Yet, for all its faults Firefox has never not been able to open a link in one of the facebook apps games (this may happen with IE and will almost definitely happen with Chrome). And has never frozen while trying to sift through the highly secure pages of a universities online blackboard (Chrome was no help at all and IE was fine until trying to view a pdf).
Internet Explorer is the classic web browser, it is something you keep on because you have had it so long and know it so well. However, it also has other benefits, such as that although it is not as fast as Chrome it is still faster than Firefox and it doesn't drain on your computer like Chrome has a tendency to do when being used to oblivion. Like Firefox many installations work with IE because it is older and more popular than chrome. However, unlike Firefox, IE is no good when it comes to running scripts.

Anyway, these are just my personal opinions, if you disagree or want to mention a web browser that you think is good please comment.
 I am in psychological pain. >.<
I have been stuck in lectures all morning and my university has filters blocking access to torrent files and the internet is too slow for direct downloads. It won't allow me to access through a proxy (as is expected, really). Xunlei is also blocked and my friend talked me into using Bitlord instead of Utorrent, and Bitlord doesn't support encryption and I am blocked from accessing any site where I can get Bitcomet, Utorrent or any other host that can use encryption.
Also I'm cheap so there is no way I am going to pay up to get an internet relay set up.
It is times like this that I wish I knew more about computers and internet bypasses.*sigh*
I think the worst part of it all is the fact that once all this is over it will take me 2 and a half hours to get home and my current torrent file will need to wait, sitting on 93% complete. It is like dangling bacon in front of a hungry dog, damnit!

Perhaps there is a book somewhere entitled: the internet for organic-creatures-with-a-lack-of-brain-capacity, never mind, I think I'll just have a pity party for myself for a few hours. >.>
 I've been amusing myself with semantics recently. Well, not exactly. Anyway it has come to my attention that things are far more amusing when you say them with certain *cough.cough* adjectives/adverbs thrown in. 
Example 1:
I demand McDonalds for lunch, compared to, I lustfully demand McDonalds for lunch.
Example 2:
I don't really like that music I'm different like that, compared to, I don't really like that music I'm a deviant. ^.~
The conclusion drawn from this is that the English language is far too fun not to take advantage of it.

I've finally submitted my first fanfic to my account on ff.net. I only did it in the last couple of hours and am still feeling on edge about it. It feels like it has been years since I was last inspired to write a proper fanfiction instead of the usual smutty rubbish that you find all over AFF. In fact, shocking as it sounds this has only come about because I have sworn to try and make myself a better person by swearing off AFF (for a while at least) and going back to reading stuff with actual plots in it *shock/horror*. 

I also have a few new books that I have yet to read. One of them is the third book from Rob Thurman's series with Caliban and Niko. Another is by Ellen Kushner, the protagonist is a girl in this one which is something I'm always wary about but after reading Swordspoint I find it hard not to trust this author unquestionably. From the library I've borrowed Homecoming, based off the Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs, I have been curious about it for a while and was excited to finally have a chance to read it.