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July 2012 Update

Hey all, long time no see. I have recently been distracted by many things, work, last year of uni and applying for a job that pays less but is more closely related to what I have been studying (yes, it is as frustrating as it sounds). I have finished up my current placement in a hospital neuro ward and I'm sorry to say that unless I want to get into some serious trouble for breaking hospital privacy policy I can't say much more than that and that it was all very exciting. I also went to this years free Healthcare expo in the exhibition centre opposite the Melbourne museum. I came away with about 15 free pens all from different stalls and so much new information that my mind feels ready to burst every time I try to remember it all. Suffice to say that it was well worth the trip even if I was disappointed to find out that I could not apply to do my grad year in the Australian defence force.

As for books I am currently reading there are a few. Lynn Flewelling's most recent book in the Night Runner series arrived on my doorstep unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago as I had completely forgotten that I'd pre-ordered it from the BookDepository. And although I haven't yet I intend to widen my collection of Rob Thurman books very soon. Mostly I have been sticking to more of the classical books recently. The Canterbury tales was a short book but good for a laugh and The Man Who Laughs by Victor Hugo is my current obsession.

The Man Who Laughs is an old book that was turned into a black and white film in 1928. It is interesting to note as the main character in the film version is what the Batman character the Joker was originally based on (at least when it comes to appearance). If you are planning on reading this the best advice I can give you is that the first chapter is the hardest part, after the author stops showing off at how smart and heartless Ursus is things start getting more exciting. I will not pretend to be very mature and to be honest I think that is part of the reason why I found this book so enjoyable, though I am sure the author did not mean it to be. I still giggled ever time Ursus referred to his pet wolf, Homo. And towards the start of the book when the mystery men have a conversation in the boat (ie: "what do you call him" "the madman" "what do you say you call him" "the sage") and the madman asks to be called the Doctor, I was grinning from ear to ear and tempted to voice the obvious question of: Doctor Who?

Anyway, I will leave you be for now with a final piece of advise. The key secret to making friends is cupcakes and White choc chip macadamia biscuits. Anyone who tells you any less has obviously never baked any for a large group of co-workers.



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